We're Singing Our Last Breath

by Up For Nothing

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Brooklyn's own Up For Nothing are back following up their debut EP with their first full length on Winter Street Records. We're Singing our last Breath is 13 songs of speed, aggression, melody, and vocal harmonies. This record will have you pumping your fist, and hopping on stage to grab the mic and sing along. Punk rock where you can understand the lyrics and the melody grabs you, "Zero to Sixty" and "The Last Rope" are so catchy you can't help but hit repeat on your iPod or whatever device people listen to these days. New York Hardcore veteran Ernie Parada (Token Entry, GreyArea) sings his last breath on the title track. Up For Nothing proves that punk rock can be melodic and fun without being emo or the next fad on the Hot Topic slelves. Raw power, pure emotion, Up For Nothing.


released July 29, 2008

Recorded At: Secret Weapon Studios (Brooklyn, NY) January 2008
Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by: The Jerry Farley
Guest Vocal Appearance By: Ernie Parada



all rights reserved


Up For Nothing Brooklyn, New York

If you like 90's style punk rock.... THIS!

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Track Name: We're Singing Our Last Breath
This is how we enter the waking days at the end of the road
We're driving through the city streets as we blast the radio
This is how we choose to spend our nights playing the music that we know
And if the world goes down, or the city burns we'll be ready to play the show

We’re driving through the streets
Turn up the radio
Playing that music that we know
If the world goes down or the city slowly burns
Don’t you know, we’ll be ready to play that show don’t you know

On the stage and musics running from our hearts to yours
With your smiling faces, your words have saved us in attempt to carry on
We're singing our last breath, and playing this music for what it has done to us
When everything’s changing, and the world is complaining the music carries on

Nothing will ever believe that it's over
It's only to begin
The visions have faded and all I can is
That this is my life, and this is how I want it to be
Track Name: It's Time to Breathe
Spent a long time looking for today
Spent my life being hard to understand
I want to lose control but I can’t show it
I’m feeling every last mistake I’ve made
I’m counting down the world inside my head
I want to lose control but I can’t show it

I said I want every day to be this way
Will time run out before the morning comes our way?
It’s hard for me to see
That life comes down to the world that’s always counting down you and me

Still breaking in
The thought of losing everything
It’s time to breathe
And take in all you’ve ever loved
It’s not the last time
But it’s time to be the one
That says good-bye while he still can
And regrets nothing in the end

I Don’t Want To Be the One Who’s Always
Waiting to See what No one can show me
Here comes the last time
Here come the dreams that follow
Here comes the painful realization there’s no tomorrow.
Track Name: Until Then
Where are my thoughts supposed to go?
I feel you’ve witnessed all I am and all you wanted me to be
I guess that that’s the price I pay
For wanting you to be here singing every fucking word with me

I’ve worn out my vision I can only see the end
I still feel you here with me unless it’s just the wind
I’ve cried out for you and time just doesn’t heal the pain
This isn’t how we planned our lives we planned them just the same

What are my eyes supposed to see?
I watched my life turn inside out in front of me
I try to live the best I can
And count the seconds until I can stand for what I am

Why can’t I become what my thoughts have grown to be?
I feel that as the time goes by the fire burns in me
And I don’t wanna be the one who’s always breaking down
Cause a lifetimes in between
Right now and the day ill see your face again
Until then
Track Name: Hell's Bottomless Pits
How many times must we take this ride?
I'm fucking tired, I'm hungry
This feeling’s overwhelming
We’re passing through sunsets
And hells bottomless pits
It’s always the only road left through the morning

I’m feeling the grip I have on life being warned
Feeling frustrations eternally breaking the walls

You said that you’re sorry that it’s been so long
I said your words have no meaning, compassion, or feeling
The sun rises and sets on meaningless secrets
And brings to my heart all that I have not learned to let go.
Track Name: The Last Rope
Everything’s gone
The way you want it to be
Your only friends are the ones you’ll never see
And you’re falling just as hard as you can
This is the last chance
This is the last rope
I’ll be throwing down it’s not your fault
But you’re running, just as fast as you can

Lost without a single sound
Why can’t we face this?
You’ve cracked and fallen to the ground
So suffocated
You’ve dug yourself an early grave
Everything’s changing
Ill probably never see you again

I never looked you in the face like this
You never told me you were going out this way
But you’re going just as fast as you can
This is the last stretch
This is the last rope
I’ll be throwing down it’s not your fault
But you’re running, just as fast as you can

It’s not your fault you can’t fight it
It’s only a matter of time till it
Brings you down to your knees and
Destroys everything that you once used to be
Track Name: The End Is Strong
See our bonds betrayed
See our sleepless nights go running down the drain
These words are the worst things life can throw my way
And these are more than the last words I will have to say

And this breathless moment shocking me
And it’s breaking down all that I have become
And it’s always been me singing these songs
And I’ve never learned to live another way

I can’t feel my hands without a song for them to play
The feeling of the end is strong with silence left to blame
One more night is all we need to set this record straight
Are you in this now for all it’s worth or will you walk away?
Track Name: Rob the Minister
If today brings forth the sunset
Will tomorrow bring forth the pain that I feel today?
Or will my thoughts just fade into my dreams tonight?
It’s tearing down my heart
Waiting for the strongest bonds to fall apart
Feeling every spoken tragedy
When tomorrow comes I won’t remember anything

If all I see around me
Are the only things I believed in sail away
Into the heart and the mind of whatever you throw my way
I’ve seen this all before
I hide away what I can’t ignore
I see through you
I see whatever you want me too

Nothing that I’ve ever seen lasts forever
When you close your eyes the world turns grey
If the emptiness of heart is filled with opinion change
Then the person that you are is just a face

One day I’ll cross your path
And you won’t look me in my face
Cause you know, that I know
And you know that I can’t sleep
Till rob the minister comes back to me
Track Name: UFN = FUN
Track Name: I Never Liked You
I never liked you
I never liked this fucking place
You’ll never find you way

I never liked you
Still never got the fuck away
You never found your way
Track Name: Close Your Eyes and Drive
No one can tell me what to do
You're not the only one who’s always right
I’m gonna meet up with my friends at the record store
And we’ll be driving till its late at night
Sixty thousand miles isn’t far enough
Just close your fucking eyes and drive
This is the only thing that we can ever do ourselves
Lets set this fucking shit off right

I want you to go faster cause I can’t take this shit anymore
I’ll always be the first one to leave
This is the very last time i’ll be driving by
and I’ll see you fucking assholes in hell
Mondays, Wednesdays it’s all the same here in the city that I call my home
I’ll tell you one last time if your wondering why
It’s that you drove me out of my fucking head

Fuck your rules, fuck your intentions, and fuck you enemies
Nobody gives a shit about your fucking life so don't come crawling back to me
Nineteen city hours past the time that I burned your memory to the ground
This is the city that burns a fuck like you into a pile of fucking ashes in hell
Track Name: The Wrong Direction
Your minds gone and now it’s time to see
Just where you belong in this world, and what you’ve don’t to me

A million times I’ve seen it, all in my head
Tonight’s the night it all comes out to erase what’s never said

One more step in the wrong direction finds its way
To the morning you wake up alone, and you regret all the things you said

Your broken down today
And now she's here to stay
Track Name: Zero to Sixty
This is the ending of what this world can give us, and I’m not afraid to die
Going down route ninety five, zero to sixty faster than you can blink an eye
From unheard truth that our nights are numbered
To the clock counting down the days
We’ll be singing these words till our breath gets taken, it might not be far away

I don’t wanna go to sleep
Cause I don’t wanna miss what I might not ever see again
Your futures only six foot deep
Your life is in the hands of the way you live your everyday

You never did do everything you wanted
Never quite held the world inside your hands
When the time has come to be rewarded
You’ll never know just what you could have been

When your mind is set to the end of the day
There you’ll find all the moments that passed away
When the bridge connects your apathy
You’ll always be second best you’ll never be the one that you wanna be
It’s a gamble racing to the end of the day
Second place is not where I wanna be
Track Name: The New Years Eve
Looking out into the night
Everything seems so wrong
Further from where I wanna be
As time runs out on this New Years Eve

Another year gone, another year older
With visions of youth, slowly taking me over

Broken down fighting with time
For what it has taken and done to my mind
Further from where I wanna be
As time runs out on this New Years Eve

Another year gone, another year older
With visions of youth, slowly taking me over

This moment just fell to where yesterday stood
With tomorrow not far behind
Heres to violence and laughter, confusion, and silence
Another year of the rest of my life